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Kilmore Quay Boat Parking


Kilmore Quay Boat Parking


Kilmore Quay Boat Parking


The Kilmore Quay Club, situated in the heart of County Fermanagh, "the region of 1000 lakes" welcomes you to Lough Erne, 16000 hectares of water, reaching 70 metres in depth and with over a hundred islands. Lough Erne was originally 2 lakes which were linked by a stretch of the Erne river of over 16 kilometres. Each lake is very prolific, ideal for line fishing or for boating with access to over a hundred lakes and stocked lakes. 

Fishing and the fish

Pike, Perch and other Coarse Fish: 
Season all year round - no closed season.

Brown trout: 
Season from March to September, with catches of up to 10kg.

Salmon and sea trout:
Official opening of season in the majority of centres is the 1st February, some places open in the middle of February or the beginning of March, but all close the 30th September. The best times vary as to their location and their size. The best appears to be from May to beginning of September.